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Attrezzi da fitness bambini

Powerzone Fitnessmatte
Powerzone Springseil
Powerzone Federhantel
Powerzone Federhantel
Powerzone Push Up Bar
Powerzone Shape Fit Bauchtrainer
Powerzone 96 cm Trampolin
Powerzone Fitnessmatte
Powerzone Spin Ball
Powerzone 65 cm Gymnastikball
Powerzone Klimmzugstange
Powerzone 55 cm Gymnastikball
Powerzone Yogamatte
Powerzone Yogamatte
Powerzone Faszienrolle
Powerzone 5 x 33 cm Balance Pad
Powerzone Door Gym Klimmzugstange
Powerzone Door Gym Delux Klimmzugstange
Powerzone 3 x Anti Stress Ball
Powerzone Springseil
Powerzone Balance Pad
Powerzone Air Pad 3 m x 1 m Fitnessmatte
Powerzone Air Pad 2 m x 1 m Fitnessmatte
Powerzone Air Pad Verbindungsstück
Powerzone Wave & Weighted 100.5 cm Hula Hoop
Silva EX Distance Schrittzähler
Jade Yoga Harmony Yogamatte
Theraband Medium Fitnessband
Theraband Strong Fitnessband
Theraband Special Strong Fitnessband
Blackroll Standard 30 cm
Theraband Extra Light Fitnessband
Blackroll Medium Soft 30 cm
Blackroll Mini
Blackroll 8 cm Massageball
Blackroll 8 cm Massageball
Blackroll 12 cm Massageball
Blackroll 12 cm Massageball
bellicon Trampolin
Blackroll Duoball Klein
Blackroll Duoball Gross
Blackroll Set
Theraband CLX Extra Light Schlingentrainer
Theraband CLX Extra Strong Schlingentrainer
Theraband CLX Special Strong Schlingentrainer
Theraband CLX Super Strong Schlingentrainer
Theraband CLX Maxi Strong Schlingentrainer
Kettler 100 x 220 cm Bodenmatte